"Meeks Unfiltered" on ISP-TV Wednesday nights

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Tue, 19 Nov 1996 03:16:44 -0500

*** ISP-TV Program Announcement:

"Meeks Unfiltered"

*** Wednesday, Nov. 20 ***
*** 8:00 PM ET ***

Brock N. Meeks, publisher of the 800,000 subscriber CyberWire Dispatch
electronic news service, will bring his crusading style into real-time
Internet video with "Meeks Unfiltered." The live uncensored hour-long
show, produced and distributed through ISP-TV, will explore cyberspace and
cyberpolitics Wednesdays at 8 PM Eastern Time.

If you missed last week's show with Brock and Declan McCullagh, you can
listen to a RealAudio version at:


"Meeks Unfiltered" can be viewed on the ISP-TV main CU-SeeMe reflector at
IP, or other ISP-TV affiliate reflectors listed at

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