Mary Burger (
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 11:33:00 -0800

I am getting ready to launch a new service to my customers using desktop
videoconferencing so I have been checking out software, equip. etc. I
saw a newspaper article where PacBell announced a new service at Comdex
where they combine ISDN services. For $500 you get a modem, installation
of ISDN line and and internet ISDN account. Then you pay $50 per mo for
internet access plus $25 for the ISDN line. This seems awfully expensive
to me. Their selling point is that it solves the problem of setting up a
modem to operate correctly with both the phone company and a separate
ISP. Is it really that hard to get the system working? Are ISDN modems
that finicky? Any other advice is appreciated as my knowledge is
presently researched based, rather than from actual experience.