Logicode TVideo card

Vangelis (vangelis@qnis.net)
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 11:43:54 -0800

Anyone have any knowledge of or experience with the Logicode TVideo
51000 card? It's a TV tuner/frame grabber, although the "live" video is
accomplished with a video overlay, but the frame grabber can still do
5-6 FPS. I can get results using a simple Shareware program called
Vidwatch (which wasn't even bundled with the TVideo, nor knows anything
specific about it), yet with CUSeeMe all I can ever get is garbage.

In the Video Capture Driver config there is an option for compression
called "Auravision", but there isn't a "no compression" option.
Although Vidwatch doesn't seem to care.

I've emailed Logicode several times about compatibility, possibly a
driver upgrade, but they don't seem to care.