Chat Probably not Working (Cornell, Mac)

Bill Williams (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 11:42:35 -0500


Hardly anyone seems to be receiving my chat (Cornell Mac 0.85b1), as
far as I can tell. I haven't run really rigorous tests so it could
be that I'm just being ignored :) I've heard that certain reflectors
seem to have a problem with Mac chat, but this happens to me all the
time -- probably 80% of the refs I've tried. Squeak, if you're
listening it happens on your ref too, I think -- is your conf. 1
supposed to reflect the chat as well as the image? Even if not,
nobody replied to anything I said on conf. 0 either.

So: anybody know what the problem is, whether I can do anything
about it, and if not, whose cage I should rattle so THEY can do
something about it?

-Bill Williams
(aka BSquared, sometimes Albert)