Re: Reflector Sysops ???

Stephen A. Stiner (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 12:19:01 -0500

>I go to this one site, and this person claims they can fix it so a certain
>person that logs on cannot come back. It is a plain difference of opinion.

It's a simple matter to deny access to a user as long as they always
connect using the same IP addess. It becomes a little more difficult to
deny access to a user who connects via PPP/SLIP since their IP address will
different everytime they connect with their Internet Provider. If access
privileges have been configured correctly, only the reflector administrator
can kill or deny access to a client.

>Is there a ..person.. that monitors each site? A sysop?

I doubt that there are any reflector sites with an administrator constantly
monitoring the reflector. I check my reflector periodically to make sure
it is running OK and, when I can find the time, I connect with my client to
see if there are any violators of the conference rules who need to be
denied access. :-)

>Can that person see where you are from.....some kind of I D ?

Sort of. The reflector administrator can see your nickname and the IP
address of your current connection.



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