Vangelis (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 11:00:24 -0800

Mary Burger wrote:
> internet access plus $25 for the ISDN line. This seems awfully expensive
> to me. Their selling point is that it solves the problem of setting up a
> modem to operate correctly with both the phone company and a separate
> ISP. Is it really that hard to get the system working? Are ISDN modems
> that finicky? Any other advice is appreciated as my knowledge is


Corporate rape, that's all that is. They want to sell you a little
one-time convenience, and then make you pay for it every single month.
If it were a one-time expense, it might be worth it to many (I've heard
the horror stories of ISDN setup, but then again many of those stories
include elements of Bell ignorance and incompetence). But imagine if I
came to your home to configure your modem for you (assuming it was too
technical for you to handle), and then used this to justify ridiculous
MONTHLY charges from me? Robbery.

ISDN could've been the New Wave, but Bell took too long to release it,
and managed to float unreasonable rates past the PUCs. Pity.