Video Spigot Card - Litigation Help Needed!
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 14:34:44 -0600 (CST)

hi all,

I'm involved in a dispute with Simply Better Computers, a local clone
company here in Dallas....

Part of the dispute involves my Video Spigot had been working
with CUSEEME on my Pentium 166 system that I had purchased from
SBC....however when they had to change out a bad motherboard, the card no
longer worked....

They now claim that, it could never have been working on my computer since,
according to Creative, the Video Spigot will NOT work with a fast computer
with more than 16 megs of RAM unless the motherboard has the technology to
slow down the speed of the memory....<?>

I personally believe this is BS from them...especially since the Spigot was
working on the same computer before they changed out the motherboard.....and
I have received some email from two other Spigot users that report no
problems, even on Pentium computers with as much as 48 megs of RAM....

Even though I have a couple of testaments to the fact that SBC is wrong, I
would very much appreciate direct email to if you have any
direct experience with this issue....

Also, Alain, had mentioned that he thought he remembered seeing comments in
this news group that ANOTHER video capture card from Creative DID have a 16
meg limitation....any information on that issue would also be appreciated....

If you want to know the WHOLE story about this fiasco...and their threatened
libel suit against us for our web site, check out