Re: ISDN versus USR 57600bps

Vangelis (
Sat, 23 Nov 1996 03:57:42 -0800

> Why are you so excited about isdn?
> Haven't you ever heard about us robotics 57600 bps modem? you'd better
> take a look at
> if you're a lucky guy you will be able to upgrade your modem to this
> protocol!

Um, I wouldn't get too hot and bothered about X2 just yet. If what I've
heard is true, you only get 56k on the receiving side. Sending is still
28.8 (or less perhaps), which is fine in most cases but for 2-way video
your transmits are still same old speed. Plus your ISP has to have some
kind of special rack-mounted modem bank or something, it wasn't just the
usual "buy a couple of modems". And from what I've read, only the
Couriers can upgrade - Sportsters (like mine) are out of luck. So much
for all those "soft upgrade" promises that came with the DSPs.

Maybe when ADSL comes out we'll finally get a REAL increase in
bandwidth. Then again, if the deployment of ISDN is any example...