Re: ISDN ASDL etc.

Vangelis (
Sat, 23 Nov 1996 23:05:23 -0800

Mark Goldstein wrote:
> My understanding is that there are problems with TCP/IP via satellite, so
> that may not be an option at this point. Something about the packets not
> being sent correctly when they have to go thru a satellite.

It's probably a latency issue. There may be beaucoup bandwidth, which
is all you need if you're just streaming data one way (or even both
ways, as long as there's no interaction between the two streams). But
just like a trans-oceanic phone call, if it goes to satellite then
there's a noticeable lag before every transmission. Just makes a
conversation kinda annoying, because when you try to answer/interrupt,
your answer doesn't arrive for a couple of seconds (thus the other
person keeps talking during that time.)

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