ISDN Connections w/CUSEEME

Patrick M. Bowler (pbowler@Packet.Net)
Sun, 24 Nov 1996 14:51:16 -0500

Has anyone tried CUSEEME using Win95 with Internet access via the Ascend
Pipeline 25PX ISDN bridge router? If not the PX, any other Pipelines? By
the way, I've seen a lot of the discussion about ISDN, DSL, ADSL, X2, cable
modems, etc.... My two cents:

1) If you're not using ISDN yet, get it ASAP.

2) The time saved will amaze you, and will easily justify the increased
costs for equipment and service.

3) With the right hardware at home, ISDN service provides much more than
just warp-speed Internet access... visit for some examples.

4) If you download lots of software and use conferencing/collaboration
software, ISDN still makes a lot more sense than the 56K modems.

5) Don't hold your breath for end-to-end DSL/ADSL solutions anytime soon.
To get the real benefits of this technology, you will need new equipment,
your local telco provider will need new equipment, your ISP will need new
equipment, and the net backbone will need more bandwidth. Relax and enjoy
ISDN for a while, its finally here.

Patrick Bowler