Re: ISDN versus USR 57600bps
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 09:52:43 +0000

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> From: Jerry Straut <>
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> Subject: Re: ISDN versus USR 57600bps

> FYI:
> >From US Robotics
> Q: What is x2 Technology?
> A: x2 is the new method developed by U.S. Robotics for
> 56K downloads from the Internet and online services,
> over regular phone lines.
> Q: What about uploads?
> A: x2 downloads (receives data) at up to 56Kbps. It
> uploads (sends data) at up to 33.6Kbps
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> Gerard A. Straut

Hi all,

Just thought I'd drop off some info that I rec'd from USR Tech sup.
X2 is meant as a replacement protocol FROM your ISP's X2 server to
YOUR serialzed USRobotics modem. When this protocol is active, it is
dedicated you will not be able to run other packets "in the
backround" (ie: FTP/TCP + surf the web + IRC + IPhone, check your
mail etc.) It will be sortof like the "old days" when you called your local
BBS system, (when the INterNET was still .EDU/.GOV/.MIL/.NET/.ORG)
found the file you wanted, selected z-modem! and waited until the
transfer was done.

So lets not get too hyped up about a free 57K connection. If your
looking for OPEN bandwidth, ISDN is still the best way to go.