Todd Kent (
Tue, 26 Nov 96 9:39:07 EST


I'm a graduate student at the University of Virginia and we are
piloting a project that is using the Internet to link teachers
from various school sites around the state. We are trying to
use CU-SeeMe but have run into problems with one school system
being behind a firewall. I know very little about firewalls
and would greatly appreciate any information you can provide on
how to work through a firewall with CU-SeeMe, assuming it can
be done. At this point, I don't know enough to even ask a good
question. The school's administrators are open to suggestions,
but say it can't be done without disabling the firewall.
However, some of the postings I see on the CU-SeeMe archives
lead me to believe you can direct the CU-SeeMe packets through
a port in the firewall. Again, I know nothing about the
technical side of firewalls, but any information/suggestions you
could give me to take to the administrators would help


Todd Kent
Curry School of Education