Re: Video Spigot Card - Litigation Help Needed!

Vandevort, Ed (
Tue, 26 Nov 96 13:28:00 PST

The motherboard is very generic, but
I'll look at the book tonight and reply again tomorrow
with the exact model details. Also, I might add that
a great 2nd choice for a video capture board other that
the Creative Labs.Video Spigot is the MediaVision
"ProMovieStudio" Board. It also ran quite well in with
the same motherboard. If I were looking to get into
CuSeeMe, I would look for either of these Vid.Capture
boards. I think they should be available for around $125.]

From: Bill Mikulic
To: vandevorte
Subject: Re: Video Spigot Card - Litigation Help Needed!
Date: Tuesday, November 26, 1996 8:41AM


I am considering putting together a AMD 120mHZ system and had a question
regarding your AMD microprocessor.

What brand of motherboard are you using?
Have you had any compatibility issues with the AMD chip?

Thank You,

At 08:02 AM 11/26/96 PST, you wrote:
>Hello "CEO" :
> I am using a pretty std. configuration.
>First, & probably important, I'm using the
>Enhanced CU prgm. I was very successful
>up to a month ago in Windows 3.11 and now
>have change to Win95 with an occasional system
>error and CuSeeMe Prgm ABORT !!
>Hardware: AMD486-dx100 16mb RAM
> Std. 486 VLB Motherboard
> Stealth 64bit (vlb) 2mb Video Card
> Creative Video Spigot Video Capture
> JVC VHS Camcorder
> Aztec Galaxy / Wavetide Sound Card
> US Robotics v.34 28.8 VI Modem
> Promise 2300+ Controller card
> I think that's it for hardware.
> Keep in touch . ED