Re: Video Spigot Card - Litigation Help Needed!

Vandevort, Ed (
Wed, 27 Nov 96 08:38:00 PST

Bill :
The motherboard that I referred to is called

VESA 486 model R407e

This is the "standard" 486 vesa local bus motherboard usually
with an Award or AMI BIOS. These boards are now readily
available at any PC show or by mail order for $50. They run the
486 CPU's just fine as well as the ISA Video Capture Cards
as the Creative Labs Video Spigot and Media Vision's
Pro Movie Studio. CuSeeMe runs great "visually" but do NOT
expect to receive the audio portion very well. The audio quality is
not a function of the motherboard but rather the CuSeeMe program
and available bandwidth on the WEB.

From: Vandevort, Ed
To: Bill Mikulic
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Subject: Re: Video Spigot Card - Litigation Help Needed!
Date: Tuesday, November 26, 1996 1:28PM
Priority: High

The motherboard is very generic, but
I'll look at the book tonight and reply again tomorrow
with the exact model details. Also, I might add that
a great 2nd choice for a video capture board other that
the Creative Labs.Video Spigot is the MediaVision
"ProMovieStudio" Board. It also ran quite well in with
the same motherboard. If I were looking to get into
CuSeeMe, I would look for either of these Vid.Capture
boards. I think they should be available for around $125.]

From: Bill Mikulic
To: vandevorte
Subject: Re: Video Spigot Card - Litigation Help Needed!
Date: Tuesday, November 26, 1996 8:41AM


I am considering putting together a AMD 120mHZ system and had a question
regarding your AMD microprocessor.

What brand of motherboard are you using?
Have you had any compatibility issues with the AMD chip?

Thank You,

At 08:02 AM 11/26/96 PST, you wrote:
>Hello "CEO" :
> I am using a pretty std. configuration.
>First, & probably important, I'm using the
>Enhanced CU prgm. I was very successful
>up to a month ago in Windows 3.11 and now
>have change to Win95 with an occasional system
>error and CuSeeMe Prgm ABORT !!
>Hardware: AMD486-dx100 16mb RAM
> Std. 486 VLB Motherboard
> Stealth 64bit (vlb) 2mb Video Card
> Creative Video Spigot Video Capture
> JVC VHS Camcorder
> Aztec Galaxy / Wavetide Sound Card
> US Robotics v.34 28.8 VI Modem
> Promise 2300+ Controller card
> I think that's it for hardware.
> Keep in touch . ED