National Space Society Online Manager on ISP-TV's "Real Time"
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 18:10:19 -0500

*** ISP-TV Program Announcement:

"Real Time" Interview with Robert Pearlman,
Online Manager, National Space Society


*** Monday, Dec. 2 ***
*** 9:00 PM ET ***

Robert Pearlman is the Online Manager of the National Space Society (NSS),
the largest grass-roots, non-profit, pro-space organization in the world.
The NSS has over 80 chapters worldwide, publishes _Ad_Astra_ magazine, and
monitors U.S. government positions on space policy.

Pearlman is the creator of SPACE, the Space, Planetary, and Astronomical
Cyber-Experience web site (, one of the best
space exploration sites on the internet. SPACE includes "Ask an
Astronaut," guides to NASA web sites, links to space societies,
up-to-the-minute space news, space memorabilia, and the Coke in Space FAQ.

We'll ask Pearlman about the National Space Society, its online activities,
and recent US space policy.

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