Re: 57600 modems
28 Nov 1996 00:40:04 EDT

RA>Can somebody help me understand Michel's tutorial:
RA>I am a bit confused. Michel's description sounds like the possible
RA>transmission speeds are soley a function of the type of line they are on
RA>- ie. digital or analog?
RA>In other words, the maximum from PC to the phone company is 28.8 (33.6)
RA>because of analog limitations? Is this a function of the physical line
RA>to the phone company?

I think the speed is limited bsically by the quality of the line, the
modem speed and the time the company gets to do the dac/adc process. if
you reduce this time in one side, the speed would be boosted a bit.

And it happens when the isp uses a line without the adc process. But The
speed down when arrives at your "house".

this is my point of view.
hugo esteves pereira, rio de janeiro, brazil