More than 64kbps
28 Nov 1996 00:40:24 EDT

hi, i am here again!!! (oh , no!!! that boring guy again!!!)

after learning too much about isdn, i decided to write this:

I know some kind of lines that provides us a bigger bandwidht than isdn.
Beside the description, i wrote what it will be able to do in terms of
video conferencing:

o RDSI BRI: 144kbps - fm stereo / low-end video-conf.
o RDSI PRI and T1 - CD sound quality, MPEG video quality
o ATM - up to 622.000 Kbps - Perfect Sound and Video Quality.
o SDSL - 2048 Mbps
Some comments about video-conferencing:

A broadcast of a screen at 1024x768x16.777.216 and 30 frames per second
means a minimum of 566.000 Kbps.
CD sound quality 16 bits, 44khz - 706kbps
Phone quality (8 bits, 8khz) - 64kbps

OK, now you must be saying: Why did you wrote this???
well, to make all of us get down to earth and see what a terrible
technology we have today. 10 years for now we will be talking with each
other: oh, this 1GBps lines are ok for our video-conferencing, but it's
beggining to get slow with our virtual reality applications..."

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Hugo Pereira
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Rio 2004
City Candidate