PowWow: locating your friends easier for FREE (PC ONLY)

Bill Woodland (wcw@bga.com)
Fri, 29 Nov 1996 05:51:15 -0600

I've been asked about this a lot, so I want to share a tip with you
regarding CU and dynamic IPs and finding your friends easier. Some of you
may already know this, cause it's been out for a while, but I can be a bit
slow at times, so...

Download PowWow from here:

http://www.tribal.com/powwow/download/ <----totally FREE software (PC ONLY)

PowWow is a chat program that is MADE for DYNAMIC IPs. To set it up, enter
your email address and a passwod for the powwow server, and it connects and
sends up your info, along with your IP address. When you want to connect to
a friend, just enter their email address into the powwow client. the client
sends a request to the powwow server for the IP address registered to that
email address, and a chat session is established from client to client.
Once you connect, you can just chat, or decide on which ref to meet, or
exchange IPs for a direct conection with CU-SeeMe. Click on Help/About to
see your IP ADDRESS. Double click the name field in the person's PowWow
window to see their IP address.

Load it every time you dial in, and just keep it mimized. When your friend
wants to find you, they connect to you via PowWow by entering your email
address, and a chat request pops up. There is a phone book for maintaining
email addresses of your friends, and there is an answering machine mode in
which you can place a short message to be sent to callers if you are away
from your computer for a while.

You can put a link in your web page to your PowWow address by doing this:

<a href="powwow:username@domain.org">Page me in PowWow</a>

or you can put a button on a web page to page you by this:
<FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="powwow:user@domain.org"><INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT"
VALUE="Click here
to PowWow"></FORM>

or you can page someone just by entering powwow:user@domain.org in the
location field of Netscape. Their FAQ at
http://www.tribal.com/powwow/pw-faq.htm has links to web pages for lots of
various video and audio card manufacturers.

Other PowWow features:
file transfer
conference mode for multiple users
text to speech capability
take your friend(s) on a web page cruise

PowWow uses TCP for all of this, like a telnet connection, where the data
has to be acknowledged, instead of UDP, where the data just streams. This
should result in no lost chat between users. I've been testing it also as a
way to do private chatting in CU while using the normal CU chat window for
the public messages. So far this has worked very well, but you have to
spread the word to your friends, which I'm attempting to do here.

If you have NOT checked out PowWow, I really think it will be worth your
time to do so. I'm beginning to depend on it like a cordless phone.

Bill Woodland (Squeek)
Email: wcw@bga.com