Re: PowWow: locating your friends easier for FREE (PC ONLY)

Michael Lucas (
Sat, 30 Nov 1996 01:39:11 +1000

At 5:51 AM 29/11/96, Bill Woodland (Squeek) wrote:
>I've been asked about this a lot, so I want to share a tip with you
>regarding CU and dynamic IPs and finding your friends easier. Some of you
>may already know this, cause it's been out for a while, but I can be a bit
>slow at times, so...
>Download PowWow from here:
> <----totally FREE software (PC ONLY)
>PowWow is a chat program that is MADE for DYNAMIC IPs. To set it up, enter
>your email address and a passwod for the powwow server, and it connects and
>sends up your info, along with your IP address. When you want to connect to
>a friend, just enter their email address into the powwow client. the client
>sends a request to the powwow server for the IP address registered to that
>email address, and a chat session is established from client to client.
>Once you connect, you can just chat, or decide on which ref to meet, or
>exchange IPs for a direct conection with CU-SeeMe. Click on Help/About to
>see your IP ADDRESS. Double click the name field in the person's PowWow
>window to see their IP address.
>Load it every time you dial in, and just keep it mimized. When your friend
>wants to find you, they connect to you via PowWow by entering your email
>address, and a chat request pops up. There is a phone book for maintaining
>email addresses of your friends, and there is an answering machine mode in
>which you can place a short message to be sent to callers if you are away
>from your computer for a while.
>You can put a link in your web page to your PowWow address by doing this:
><a href="">Page me in PowWow</a>
>or you can put a button on a web page to page you by this:
>VALUE="Click here
>to PowWow"></FORM>
>or you can page someone just by entering in the
>location field of Netscape. Their FAQ at
> has links to web pages for lots of
>various video and audio card manufacturers.
>Other PowWow features:
>file transfer
>conference mode for multiple users
>text to speech capability
>take your friend(s) on a web page cruise
>PowWow uses TCP for all of this, like a telnet connection, where the data
>has to be acknowledged, instead of UDP, where the data just streams. This
>should result in no lost chat between users. I've been testing it also as a
>way to do private chatting in CU while using the normal CU chat window for
>the public messages. So far this has worked very well, but you have to
>spread the word to your friends, which I'm attempting to do here.
>If you have NOT checked out PowWow, I really think it will be worth your
>time to do so. I'm beginning to depend on it like a cordless phone.
>Bill Woodland (Squeek)

Does anyone know of a similar product for the Mac? Or perhaps something
cross platform?