Re: More than 64kbps

Sat, 30 Nov 1996 15:47:18 -0500

>I was thinking the same thing... In 10+ years you will have no reason
>whatsoever to go visit your parents at another state. They will basically
>be right in front of you in 3D, in CD quality. I really can't see any
>difference between that and actually being in the same room with them.
>Other than, of course, smelling them or touching them. But I don't think
>people do much of these two things when they visit their relatives.
>I guess you won't be able to go out with them to a restaurant or a movie
>or the mall.. But then again, you could watch a movie together on a
>separate screen, and order the same food they do and eat in front of them
>(just like in a restaurant). Or you would be able to go to a virtual mall
>together and buy each other gifts...
>Socializing is going to be extremely different in very few years from now.
I hope you are joking... Yes we will use this technology for new and
exciting things, but socializing in my humble opinion will not change that
much, we are ppl not machines and as such we need personal interaction and
CU cant replace that, at least for the average person. Yes it may replace
the telephone as we know it. Im sure similar things were said about phones
when they first came out, but I wouldn't know, I still a yung-un :)

Lets keep this in perspective.

You can be on the right track and still get run over if you aren't moving...WR