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Jason Williams (
Sat, 1 Nov 1997 17:49:19 -0600 (CST)

On Fri, 31 Oct 1997, Ross Binnie wrote:
> Off Topic? I don't think so.

>From my subscription email:
You have been added to the CU-SeeMe-L mailing list, whose purpose
is an unrestricted discussion of the CU-SeeMe packet video software
under development by the Cornell CU-SeeMe project and its colloborators.

> Net video conferencing is
> still new and is changing day by day. The new products may
> succeed or fail in the real world. However, we do need to know
> something about the other technologies simply to gain an
> understanding of where the concept is going.

While I agree with all of what you've said, I hesitate to say this is the
place in which to do it. I have no real problems with it, I just don't
care to see the CU listserv turn into tech support for all video
conferencing packages in order to try and compare it to CU-SeeMe. There
are a few other places out there that do discuss a lot of other video
conferencing packages at great length. The comp.dcom.videoconf newsgroup
does just that and has a lot more activity about non-CU packages. I'm a
regular reader of that too, but I'm not sure how the other readers of the
CU listserv feel about all the non-CU talk. Maybe it's just me and being
relatively new to the list, but I've seen a LOT of unsubscribe messages
both in the listserv itself and in my regular mailbox.

> The many WP reflectors around the world illustrate that Cu-SeeMe
> is alive and doing just fine (even though it doesn't work that
> well for me). The competing technologies also have real world
> problems.

The competing technologies also tend to have their own mailing lists and
support group. For iVisit, there's a posting board that anyone can post
to and also several mailing lists for it specifically. I'd be interested
to know how much talk relates to CU-SeeMe on its lists.

> Hardware and software
> developers contacted through links from this conference have
> kindly offered their products for trial use in the field of
> Telemedicine.

I assume you do know about comp.dcom.videoconf then :) A lot of companies
offer their opinions and support on that newsgroup.

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