Jason Williams (
Sat, 1 Nov 1997 18:37:34 -0600 (CST)

On Fri, 31 Oct 1997, Martin Sean Riedel-Martinez wrote:
> We found the reflector, an NT/95 version, that fits our
> network. Upon downloading, however, the configuration file is a "sample"
> configuration file with little to no direction as to how to implement
> it. It decompressed into a .doc file which is by no means a standard
> config file extension. Also, upon examining the batch file, it never
> shows a place where it refers to the config file. It is my guess that
> this file, when properly set needs to be inserted somewhere where it is
> "consulted" as the reflector starts up.

The sample configuration file needs to be called reflect.conf (same as the
White Pine 2.X reflector) for it to autorun with it..otherwise just
"reflect reflect.doc" after you edit it.

Awhile back, I stuck some other help up on the web with more sample config
files but they don't include the 1.07 enhancements. which is about 11K and
includes the help from the WP 2.0.1 reflector. is 269K and contains
everything from above as well as the PDF file.

> We are at a bit of a stand still. The PDF file I found does not mention
> how to set the configuration or what to do with it once you do. If you
> have any resources or suggestions as to what I should do next, please
> let me know.

I'm not sure how Brian Godette's reflector is, but you have to add
the conference with conf-duplex-id (I think that's it) before you edit any
parameters on the conference with the 2.X reflector.

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