Kritter Cam with CU-SeeMe

Bill Halberstadt (
Sun, 2 Nov 1997 20:44:35 -0500

I recently got a "Kritter Cam" from iREZ Research. It is a little smaller
than a QuickCam, mounts on top of the screen of a PowerBook (3400 or 2400),
and is hardwired to a PC Card that uses the "zoomed video" option available
in the lower PC Card slot of those two PowerBooks. It works well with
several applications, such as Apple Video Monitor, Adobe Premiere, and
Connectix's QuickMovie and QuickPict.

When using CU-SeeMe version 0.87b3 (after installing Kritter Cam's
software), under "Video", there is a choice for "PowerBook Zoomed Video
Internal". However, when I select it, I get a "ConfigDigitizer err=-2208",
with the only choice being "Quit Now". Any subsequent restarts of CU-SeeMe
do not display ANY video input capability (no local video image, "Video" is
grayed out), until the CU-SeeMe Preferences file is discarded.

Is anyone else having any luck with Kritter Cam (or iREZ's other product -
the CapSure PC Card) and CU-SeeMe?

William L. Halberstadt
DuPont Central Research & Development
Scientific Computing Division
Wilmington, DE