gotta problem.....

Matecumbe Key Lime (
Tue, 4 Nov 97 12:41:45 -0400

I recently purchased a new MAC (8600/300) loaded with OS8. There seems
to be a problem with CU, and I'm not sure what the conflict is. I have
tried loading a few different versions of Cornells software, and the same
thing is happening.

It seems after a few different attempth to "connect" (command K) with a
new reflector, the "OK" script (after entering the IP#) feeezes, there's
no execution of the command. The same thing happens when attempting to
"Edit Nicknames", at the same time when clicking the "OK" button. If I
wait a few moments, the command window will again become "active" and I
am required to click the "cancell" button. A few times I have had to do a
"forced quit" which I don't think is very good for my system software,
and after doing so the CU software doesn't seem to be able to find my
QuickCam and I am placed in the realm of the lurkers.

If you have any insight to assist me, please respond, feel free to use
the body of this letter to post in order to help anyone else who may be
experiencing a similar porblem.

Thanks for your time.....