Phil Faber & Fly Hyett (
Wed, 05 Nov 1997 00:13:45 +0000

I'm running a PowerMac 7600/132 and the latest 'freeware' version on
CU-Seeme (I've tried both ver 0.87b1 and ver 0.87b3).

I can receive video and join in chat using the chat window
but I cannot get CU-Seeme to recognise my video camera.

Normal Mac software like Apple Video Player recognises it fine so the
hardware side is OK.

With CU-Seeme I get messages like '=95NO VIDEO=95' on
my local window and the 'picture', 'compression' and 'video' options on
that window are dimmed out. So is the 'and send video w/o confirmation'

section of the preferences.

Can you give me any idea why this might be so I no longer need to be a

Thanks for your help and sorry again to have bothered you.