Re: dear no see me

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr. (
Fri, 07 Nov 1997 01:07:12 -0600

If her monitor is looking green on occasion, I would bet there is something
wrong with the monitor. As far as your ability to send a picture, you will
need to give us more information such as computer type and speed, operating
system, what kind of digitizer you have, the kind of video card you use.
There are too many variables here!

Pastor Chris M. Farmer wrote:

> I can see my wife on CUSM and having a little trouble hearing her. This
> is normal for me. :)
> She can hear me, but not see me. :( [I think all the settings are
> okay.] Her video on the motherboard is turning the screen a little
> green now and then. Could it be possible that a flaky Cirrus Chip could
> stop her from seeing me? I reloaded the drivers from the cd last nite
> and thought I checked all other settings! Probable? Naw!!! It doesn't
> seem like it to me. Any ideas?
> God Bless,
> Chris

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