Re: Open Transport

J. Michael McGill (
Fri, 7 Nov 97 18:20:12 -0000

>lots of times, what version of MacOS and what machine are you using??

7.55 and Performa 6200 PPC.

I got this from the Mac Fix it web site

Type 11 errors in Netscape and other Internet software when connected via
with Open Transport An Open Transport has been described by AOL - and
AOL's OpenOT
extension is designed to fix it. (OpenOT is currently only available as
part of the AOL 3.0
software.) The problem, however, is by no means restricted to AOL
software. It more generally
affects FreePPP and any other similar MDEV that is not OT-native.

The problem is that Open Transport improperly unloads from memory,
resulting in a crash
(typically of Type 11) when you try to reconnect after a connection is
closed. It should only
happen if AppleTalk is off. The problem is inherent in all version of
Open Transport, including
1.1.2. It will be fixed in the forthcoming version 1.5. Meanwhile...

OpenOT or AppleTalk Off Using the AOL OpenOT extension or turning
AppleTalk are the most common work-arounds.
If needed: If you're already using both the Modem and Printer
ports you can install the
Remote Only extension which is in the Open Transport Extras folder
which comes with
OT. This extension allows you to turn on AppleTalk without
actually selecting a physical
connection port.

After I did the above I haven't had anymore problems maybe this will be
helpful to others.