Re: 5 minute Error

Alvena hyde (
Sat, 8 Nov 1997 16:06:39 -0500


Good day folks.....
>I am useing a MAC performa, with CU-SeeME 87b3,and trying to use a Sony
>video cam, attached to a video-in card. The picture seems to work fine for 3
>to 5
>minutes, then i get the 11 error, and am locked up, having to totally restart
>the system. Are there special settings i should be using?
> Any suggestions would be much

Your problem could be related to transmission/reception/compression
settings...what type of modem/speed are you using and what are your
settings on for max/min? The fact that you start out ok says you are doing
that much right, so the rest is usually fine-tuning the settings...

Another possibility is that you are trying cu-seeme at a 'high-traffic'
time for your provider, and just can't get enough bandwidth to run the


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