5 minute Error

Josh Kuperman (josh@racing.saratoga.ny.us)
Sat, 8 Nov 1997 19:42:26 -0500

>I am useing a MAC performa, with CU-SeeME 87b3,and trying to use a Sony
>video cam, attached to a video-in card. The picture seems to work fine for 3
>to 5
>minutes, then i get the 11 error, and am locked up, having to totally restart
>the system. Are there special settings i should be using?
> Any suggestions would be much

You don't say what operating system your using, but I've heard some rumors that
Mac OS 8 and Open Transport / MacPP and some other versions of this and
that, are not totally right yet. It might just be some incompatibility with
some older
versions. Basically, Depending on the amount of memory and such, Open
Transport may be using or freeing memory that it doesn't own. Try either
adding more memory (real or virtual) and see if the length of time changes.

Josh Kuperman