Cu-SEEME for WIN 3.1 (w or w/o WIN32S)

Rolf Hemmerling (
Sun, 09 Nov 1997 08:49:54 +0100

Brian Patrie wrote:

> I know that this point tends to fall upon deaf ears, but I'd like to see a
> port of a more current version of CU-SeeMe for Win3.1+32s! There ARE still
> a lot of 3.1 users out there! (But I won't go on about why, in this list.)
Well, I shifted from WIN 3.1 to WIN95 at the moment when I got a vidcam
for video conferencing. WIN 3.1 has "resource problems" even with 32 MB
RAM, because of some "64K limitations". So the typical concurrent use of
tools for video conferencing (vidphone, browser, extra e-mail client,
four11, icq, ftp, text editor, MSDOS window) is *not* possible with WIN
3.1, it just refused to load some of the tasks, just because of "lack of
space in the resource memory" !!! So switch to WIN95 and have fun !!


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