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Alvena hyde (
Sun, 09 Nov 1997 08:06:18 -0500

Jacobo Morales wrote:

> I have a Power Mac 6500/300 (runing System 8) with a recenlty installed
> video-in card (Apple Video System). I've use the Video System to capture
> movies from my camcorder using Apple Video Player and AVid Video Shop. I
> recently downloaded the latest CU-SeeMe (Cornell Univ.) and I can't get my
> local video working (i.e., I can receive but can't send video). I also
> have the same problem with the latest demo version from WhitePine.
> Do I need a "special" extension (e.g., vdig) to get the program working?
> Any help you can provide will be most appreciated. Thank you very much.


Here's another thought...if you have a sys 7.5.5 you might try booting
off of that and see if it works...I don't really think it will make any
difference, cu is supposed to be compatible with sys 8...but who knows?
Sometimes computers are very weird...


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