Re: AOL problems

Bill Woodland (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 13:29:14 -0600

At 11:35 AM 11/11/97 -0500, wrote:
>I recently got the Color QuickCam 2 and my ISP is AOL (using IBM here). =
>using MIRC 4.1 to connet to IRC and running the Win 3.1 version (non-32=
>of Cu-SeeMe since AOL doesn't support 32 bit connections. I can see the
>people in the room but when I try to connect to someone, their video box
>might appear for about a second without a picture then I get dropped from=
>altogether. Is there someone out there who is using AOL with Cu-SeeMe
>successfully? I have Windows NT 4.0 and would sincerely appreciate any=
>which might be forthcoming. Thanks :)

Go read this page:

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