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Tom Potter (
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 00:01:35 -0800

I just got the first version color, a refurb from an online auction site for
$99, and it works great. I wasn't willing to by a new version 2, and
wouldn't unless I could for $100 or less. That's why I got this one.

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From: Joe <>
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Date: Tuesday, November 11, 1997 7:53 PM
Subject: Color Cameras

>Hi all,
>I know that this subject was discussed extensively in the list. However I
wanted to get some input from any of the list members that care to reply. I
presently own a B & W QuickCam. I am planning to Move UP to a color camera.
I would welcome any opinions or experiences on brands and types of color
cams in various applications. I saw an ad for a factory new ComPro D Cam in
a recent Surplus Warehouse for $99 along with some color QuickCam
refurbished for $99 also. If I am not mistaken that first version of the
color QuickCam was not really that great. I could be mistaken.
>Thanks for all of your input.
>Joe Jadus
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