QSeeMe for Linux (QuickCam), xcqcam, and mbone tools (vic for cqcam)

Tom Adriaansen (Tom.Adriaansen@uci.kun.nl)
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 12:17:28 +0100


I'm using QSeeMe 0.81b for Linux, but can not get the quickcam to get an
Image in the QSeeMe window. All I get is a screen grabber.
What can I do, to solve this problem.

Is there anyone who can give me the correct programs names (URL's) for
the Color QuickCam Camera, which will work under RedHat Linux 4.2.
I have installed cqcam-0.45a (xcqcam). This program gives me a color
view (a bad one) and automatically adjust the settings, but only a couple
of times (about 5-6 times) and then it hangs. The button Adjust and
Take Picture then don't give the expected results.

There are so many cqcam programs around, and most of them give only a
black and white image, that i don't know which of them I have to use.

Also for the mbone tools such as vic. How do I use vic with the CQC.
There is a module to install, some of the software says you have to
make some cqcam entries in /dev, some other programs don't seem to need
these, so I'm getting terrible confused about the CQC stuff for under Linux.

Any help is apreciated, maybe a cpoy of the software that you use and that
works at your Linux box.
Do I have to configure the printer driver for the kernel, to get the CQC to
work on the lp0 port (0x378)? I did not configure it in my current kernel.
My kernel is 2.0.30

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