mac-users...freeppp 2.6.1

Alvena hyde (
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 07:53:03 -0500

Hi to the Mac users, this note is especially for them:

I just upgraded to the new freeppp beta (had been using 2.5v3) 2.6.1 and
let me recommend it to will have to be using Gearbox for it
( and I have never had good luck with gearbox,
but with this one it seems to work really good, transmissions and
download and cu-seeme seem to be speeded up appreciably. You can't get
the freeppp beta from the rockstar site, but you can find it at under the 'connectivity' software's right at the end of the part on freeppp.

by the way, if you are using several accounts or different dial-up
numbers at different times, SAVE those (write the numbers down,you will
need them) before you install this extension and control panel for new will wipe them out if you don't have them inserted into
gearbox...but it's simple to re-enter the numbers, just set up new
accounts under different names with the ppp setup app, and go right
on...otherwise, once you have gearbox config'd, it will have all the
other info inserted properly and everything should run smoothly. FYI,
if you de-install the free ppp 2.6.1 and its control panel, your numbers
WON'T come back, so do write these down before installing this new issue
of freeppp.

So far this 2.6.1 has been really stable on my machine (running
7.5.5)...and the speed seems better than ever!


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