One Cam/PC to One Remote PC

Mike (
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 17:49:17 -0800

Hi. My question is simple: I want to be able to monitor my office from my
house, in as "real time," streaming video as I can get. I'd appreciate your
suggestions as to which software would be best suited for my *challenge.*
(I'm fresh to the net-video scene, so it truly is a challenge for me to
accomplish what seems should be so simple a solution.)

At the office, I have a b&w QuickCam, connected to a 486 IBM-compat. 66htz
machine. My machine at home is a 486, 166htz unit. Both units use Win95
(come to find out, the older version is actually win95{a}, the other the
newest version of win95). I can connect both machines to one ISP, via two
separate accounts. IP addresses are (well, I don't know the proper word..
they are randomly-assigned upon each connection.) I'm somewhat familiar
with IRQ. I've downloaded the most recent version of Cornell's CuSeeme.
I've tried (and tried and tried) to connect both machines to each other via
Window 95's networking application, but so far to no avail. I don't know
much about PCAnywhere, or any other software designed to connect one
computer to another, but would like to be able to control the machine at
the office from home--a feat that should be easy to do, with the right
software. (CuSeeme software wouldn't seem to do me any good without the
ability to remotely connect the office PC to its ISP connection first.)

Well, I hope I've adequately described my challenge. If I can clarify
anything, please let me know. (I check my email often.) I'll research any
and all urls any of you may have to offer.