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Dr. Jonathan Crellin (
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 12:28:38 GMT

>I have just purchased the White Pine CU-See me.
>Like Arthur Meecham, I am trying to utilise it with security Camera's.
>Is there an auto answer capability from the remote site ?
>Is there a CU-See me development kit for Visual Basic, or any VB Libraries
>so that I can write my own code ?
>I'd be greatful for any advise or help from any one with any experience of a
>similar development.
>Simon Parr
>Runcorn, England

There is another way of doing this, use Farrallon's Look@Me (this is free
client/server software that runs on a range of platforms including Win95,
and -I think- Win3.1).

This software allows a remote viewer to see another PC desktop over the
internet. You could leave your QuickCam running in a window on the remote
desktop, and watch the screen on your machine at home. I have used this
and it works quite well. You can leave the monitor off on the remote
machine, so there is no indication that anything is happening in your
office. In fact I use a Mac and home and a PC at work, and it works quite
well cross platform...

I think the URL for the company (hope I've got the address right) is

If I have got it wrong, search for Farallon, Timbuktu etc.

This product is designed to be a cut down version of their remote control
package Timbuktu, which allows full control of the remote desktop. There
are time limited versions of this full version. I am so impressed with
this that I'm getting the full version, but the time limited demos are
quite good for testing things out, and for just monitoring the desktop
Look@Me is probably fine (and free).

I have also used the time limited remote control versions to test CU-SeeMe,
transmitting video from home, and watching the picture arrive on my desk
top PC, accepting the CU call using the remote control of the remote PC.
This probably isn't ideal for your problem of course. Still it works.
Cross platform. Pretty amazing really.

It has been pointed out that it would be cheaper to get a mirror tho.... :-)

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