Overriding reflector settings ?

Fabio Augusto (augusto@iqm.unicamp.br)
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 22:34:54 -0400

I have a technical question about reflector settings that certainly some
of the "list masters" can clarify for me...
All reflector sites, both public and paid, have settings for maximum
numbers of users (senders and / or lurkers) that can be connected at the
same time. But I've noticed that in some reflectors sometimes there are
more users logged than the maximum allowed. For example, the max number of
users for the XMission-Polite public reflector (one of the busiest of the
net) is 12/3 (senders/lurkers). Sometimes, much more than 15 users are
connected to this ref: one time when I was there I noticed 17 senders and 4
lurkers logged. Moreover, this ref (and few others) have some habitual
users, and only those users seemed to log in without any difficulty, even
when the max number of users are already connected (and other people have
to try even hundreds of times to log in).
Is it possible to set the configuration of a reflector to permit some user
(identified by his/her IP and/or nickname) log in every time he/she wants,
no matter how many people are already into the ref, and without
intervention of a ref monitor ? Or is it needed some password or different
conference ID to extra people ?
Thanks for any light that can be sent to me about this topic...

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