OT: Internet Multipoint Audio-Conferencing

John Ingham (johningh@tafe.sa.edu.au)
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 16:29:16 +0930

I realise that this is some-what off-topic, but Hell, what are friends for?

I have been requested to advise a colleague re multi-point
audio-conferencing over the internet. Apparently an on-line training
course requires audio support of several students at the same time - I
guess tutorial style. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to a good PC
client, which preferably (but not necessarily) needs no central server or

I have had good results using "PowWow" but that is strictly Point-to-Point.
I believe "Speak Freely" can support multi-point conferencing on certain
networks, but has anyone tried it in this way? Nick Birkett where are you?

Thank you. I now return you to your normal program of "Unsubscribe requests"!

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