Re: Overriding reflector settings ?

Brian O'Shea (
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 13:52:55 -0500

At 10:35 PM 11/13/97 -0600, Bill Woodland (Squeek) wrote:
>At 08:25 PM 11/13/97 -0600, Jason Williams wrote:
>> With a lot of allows on a reflector, it's too easy to
>>shut out any new people since, if the max is normally 15 users, but 5 have
>>allow lines and there are 20 online, 6 people have to leave to open up one
>>slot for a non-allowed IP.
>IMO allows shouldn't count towards the CONF max, but should count in the
>REF max, since the ref is only licensed for a certain number of participants.

We should probably modify the existing behavior so that allowed users
aren't counted against the conference maximum, as you suggest.

>Maybe WP could add in a flag:
>include-allows-in-conf-count -C -1 enabled

The original intent of the allow was so that an administrator would always
be able to connect to his/her own reflector to see what's going on. I
don't think we can change the way that works.

However, it seems that the allow mechanism is being used to let more than
just the administrator have access, based on whether someone has paid more
money, or some other criteria.

I think we need a new feature, call it privilige for lack of something
better, and allow you to select the mix of priviliged users and
non-priviliged users. Once the maximum number of priviliged users are
connected, further priviliged users are treated as non-priviliged.

That wasn't well stated, possibly because I'm not sure how it ought to
work, but I recognize a need. I'm open to suggestion...


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