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Gary Dietz wrote:
> I'm telling you, on the PC side, get a winnov board and use your camcorder.
> Or, get a winnove board and get a Phillips camera or "chatcam" with it.
> I believe under $250 street price (????) and good mid-priced results.
> Gary
> At 04:43 PM 11/13/97 -0500, David R. Wilson wrote:
> >On 13 Nov 97 at 12:32, Joe wrote:
> >
> >> Still in search of a color camera. I have been reading a few articles and
> >> reviews about the Connectix VC color camera. The street price is about
> >> $100. If anyone has any input or experience with this new Connectix
> product
> >> would you please share it with myself and the mailing list. I understand
> >> that this camera can use either a USB or parallel port connection.
> >
> >I have the USB version. I've had it for about a week now and I'm
> >disappointed with the quality of the video. It doesn't seem to be as
> >sharp and clear as other videos I've seen over CU-Seeme.
> >
> >I'm still experimenting with the settings, but right now I couldn't
> >recommend it to anyone.
> >
> >
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For PC Laptops I've been told that Nogatech has a PCMCIA card and camera
that works pretty well. I have no personal experiance with the card but
Their techs tell me that they use compression to overcome the slow
PCMCIA buss speed. They also said that the quality of the cammera is
very important because CUCME sends only the changed pixels most of the
time. With a better camera, the software detects fewer changed pixels
and therefore consumes the bandwidth more efficiently. Their video
capture cards allow better cameras to be connected to CUCME.


Chuck Reiss

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Nogatech's Products

The Mobile Video Pro (MVP) Kit<= /P>

The MVP Kit contains  the ConferenceCard,= a small CCD camera, and a microphone/headset combination.  The came= ra, microphone and headset plug into and are powered from the ConferenceC= ard.   No need for external power!  The MVP Kit allows the= same  capabilities of the ConferenceCard with the added advantage o= f a totally portable camera. 


The Video On The Go Kit

<= I>The Nogatech Video On The Go contains the CaptureVisi= on card and a small CCD camera that clips to the notebook.  The came= ra can be  powered externally or from the CaptureVision card. &= nbsp; The kit includes video mail and video conferencing software, though= the kit can be used with any Video For Windows software application.&nbs= p;  Imagine sending video mail messages to friends and family miles = away or conducting live business meetings with colleagues around the worl= d! 


The ConferenceCard=99

The ConferenceCard=99 is a video capture car= d and full-duplex sound card  in one Type II PCMCIA card.  The = ConferenceCard=99 captures full motion video with audio.  Still fram= es can also be captured.  Compatible with any Video For Windows soft= ware, the ConferenceCard=99 gives you the flexibilty to choose your = conferencing  and video editing software<= /I>.



<= FONT SIZE=3D"-1">NotebookTV=99 gives you full motion video capture capabi= lities as well as the added feature of a mobile television tuner.  W= ether you want to capture video with audio*, capture still frames, video = conference or just watch TV, NotebookTV=99 does it all.  Compatible = with any Video For Windows software, NotebookTV=99 gives you the flexibil= ty to choose your video editing and video conferencing software.

= *Internal sound device necessary for audio capture.



<= P>CaptureVision=99 provides full motion capture of v= ideo with audio* and still frames.  Compatible with any Video For Wi= ndows software, CaptureVision=99 gives you the flexibilty to choose your = video editing and video conferencing soft= ware.

= *Internal sound device necessary for audio capture.


So which one is best for me? Check the Product = Comparison page.

Product Su= ggestions - submit your suggestions to improve = Nogatech=92s existing products and create new products to meet your needs= .

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