Re: OT HTML junk following posts to the list

Mike Rehbein (
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 08:10:21 -0600

John and the list,

When you see someone sending email in html format, it is meant for
viewing in a browser, the sender is not diabolical :)
Most users are not aware they have sent the email in html format. It is
quite unintentional.
I just installed Netscape 4 and unfortunately, when using Netscape for
mail, the default is to send the email in html format.
To change this, go to the menu bar, pull down Edit and select Preferences.
Now clk on the Mail & Groups triangle, clk on Messages.
The very first check box needs to be unchecked. It deselects "By
default, send HTML messages.

Don't be paranod about every little foible out here folks. Seldom is
anyone out to get just you. As if you were the only other person on the
net :)

We are riddled with oddities in the software and our own inexperience
even when the software is well documented. If someone were trying to foul
your mailbox, there are better ways than HTML tags :)


>In the recent CU-SEEME-L Digest 1318, Chuck Reiss posted a reply to a
>question about Connectix VC.
>Immediately following his post there appeared in the digest what looks like
>a repeat of Chuck's post interspersed with HTML "junk". Here is just a
>small sample of the next 6 pages of the same which followed so you can see
>what I mean...
>>Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1; name="products.html"
>>Content-Disposition: inline; filename="products.html"
>>Content-Base: "file:///D|/products.html"
>>Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
>>X-MIME-Autoconverted: from 8bit to quoted-printable by id MAA15928
>><BASE HREF=3D"file:///D|/products.html">
>><TITLE>Nogatech's Products</TITLE>
>><META NAME=3D"Author" CONTENT=3D"Damon Borgnino">
>><META NAME=3D"Generator" CONTENT=3D"NetObjects Fusion 2.0.2 for Windows">
>><BODY BGCOLOR=3D"#FFFFFF" LINK=3D"#FF0000" VLINK=3D"#808080" TEXT=3D"#000=
>> <TR VALIGN=3D"top" ALIGN=3D"left">
>Was this just a mistake on Chuck's behalf, or did he intend to flood our
>e-mail boxes with this stuff (if so shame on you Chuck!) or, as more likely
>as I have seen this before on this and other lists, is there something
>wrong with one or more Browser-based e-mail clients causing this
>repetitious flood for the rest of us to suffer? Did the same thing occur
>for the non-digest list members? And more importantly, what (if anything)
>can be done about it??? Frankly I'm sick of having to scroll through pages
>of this junk in ever increasing amounts now-a-days.
>John Ingham

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