Re: QSeeMe for Linux - QuickCam Recommendation ?

Jason Williams (
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 19:30:35 -0600 (CST)

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, Ross Binnie wrote:
> A visit to the Connectix page <> will show that they have
> no current interest in the B/W cam. It is my understanding (correct me if I
> am wrong) that the B/W Q.C. available in retailers are old stock and that
> Connectix no longer produce the B/W device.

Have any specific URLs that state the B&W Quickcam is no longer being
made? I've been surfing the Connectix web page and haven't come to that
conclusion. Seeing as how you can still buy brand new B&W Quickcams (and
from what I've seen from retailers, that won't stop) as well as
refurbished B&W Quickcams, I doubt Connectix will stop producing them.

Their web pages do certainly push for the newer color quickcams that are
out though. They advertise the Quickcam VC as "under $100". If that's
the case, how are retailers able to sell B&W Quickcams for $100 still?

Looking at for the press
releases, I see no mention of dropping the B&W Quickcam.
Looking at for
some of the online stores you can purchase the Quickcam, I came across the
Cyberian Outpost's info on the B&W Quickcam at
It doesn't list any warnings about it being discontinued.

An interesting finding though:
The Quickcam VC is listed as $117.95, $97.95 after rebate...
The Quickcam B&W original is listed as $89.95

I still think once people see they can get color (parallel or USB for the
same price) for $10 more, stores will find it very hard to sell the B&W
version without dropping its price significantly.

Another thing to can still get the updater for the B&W third party B&W quickcams aren't so bad a thing :)

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