on-line "nudist" performance

Petronella Tenhaaf (tenhaaf@yorku.ca)
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 13:26:02 -0500 (EST)

On Dec. 4th and 5th I am showing an artwork called "Neonudism" here in
Toronto, at an electronic media center called Interaccess.The title and
theme are in the spirit of 1) nudist colonies and 2) nudism in art. An
audience is at this event, and they both watch and participate. I show
projected digitized video footage, which is basically of a very lovely
young woman's face. She tries to theorize about how great it would
be to get involved in showing/looking on camera, using three different
looks, different names and voices. This will cut repeatedly to a
live cuseeme session.

I NEED PARTICIPANTS! I'm not after any hardcore look, just flirting,
denuding and display. If you want to be an "art nude" in my work, please
e-mail me: tenhaaf@yorku.ca

The cuseeme session would be going on during the whole performance, and we
at the venue here will pop in and out. So you'll be playing together,
sometimes with us, and the whole time frame will be between 7:30 and
around 10:00 on each of the two nights. You could tell me which night
you'd like to be on.

There's a web site, not quite ready but should be there my Monday Nov. 24,
to tell you a bit more: www.interaccess.org/nudism. The week of the
performance I'll let you know the ref IP. Hope you're interested.