win 3.1 crash

Cindy S Miller (
Sat, 22 Nov 1997 00:01:01 -0500 (EST)

CU-SeeMe was running (barely w/ just video) on my 486/33 20mg
PC w/ win 3.1, trumpet 2.1 rev F and Zoom 14.4 modem. I've upgraded
the modem to a Hayes 56K (on com2) and changed appropriate software
configs so far as I can tell. Netscape, wp_Ftp, trumpet telnet,
procomm all run fine. CUSeeMe runs fine without trumpet; trumpet
runs fine without CUSeeMe. However, when I start CUSeeMe the computer
gets past the process of obtaining an IP address from my server, displays
the 3 CUSeeMe windows for a few seconds (video, audio, settings) then
suddenly, with no error messages, kicks me into DOS.

I've set transmission 2,18,0 (won't change from 0), reception 2,21
the max rates for other send/receive settings to 100, messed with files &
buffers in config.sys, upgraded trumpet to 3.0, reinstalled CUSeeMe,
read some FAQs and some of these archives, with absolutely no luck.

Would anyone have any idea of what is causing this crash?
I'd appreciate any help.