Re: One Cam/PC to One Remote PC

ike (
Sat, 22 Nov 1997 20:01:06 +0800

install ICQ on both machines which would let you be able to check the=
current ip address of the office machine from your home pc.

leave cu-seeme up and running on the office machine with the listener=
turned off so it will auto-accept any incoming calls from cu-seeme in your=
home pc. Of course, anyone who knows your machines ICQ address will also=
be able to connect to your office pc via cu-seeme and view the video.

By default, windows 95 installs Dial-Up Networking to allow only dial-out=
access (i.e., you can call an outside system like your ISP but your system=
will not accept any incoming calls). Also, your office modem might be set=
to not auto-answer an incoming call.

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On 11/13/97, at 8:45 AM, wrote:

>Hi. My question is simple: I want to be able to monitor my office from my
>house, in as "real time," streaming video as I can get. I'd appreciate=
>suggestions as to which software would be best suited for my *challenge.*
>(I'm fresh to the net-video scene, so it truly is a challenge for me to
>accomplish what seems should be so simple a solution.)
>At the office, I have a b&w QuickCam, connected to a 486 IBM-compat. 66htz
>machine. My machine at home is a 486, 166htz unit. Both units use Win95
>(come to find out, the older version is actually win95{a}, the other the
>newest version of win95). I can connect both machines to one ISP, via two
>separate accounts. IP addresses are (well, I don't know the proper word..
>they are randomly-assigned upon each connection.) I'm somewhat familiar
>with IRQ. I've downloaded the most recent version of Cornell's CuSeeme.
>I've tried (and tried and tried) to connect both machines to each other=
>Window 95's networking application, but so far to no avail. I don't know
>much about PCAnywhere, or any other software designed to connect one
>computer to another, but would like to be able to control the machine at
>the office from home--a feat that should be easy to do, with the right
>software. (CuSeeme software wouldn't seem to do me any good without the
>ability to remotely connect the office PC to its ISP connection first.)
>Well, I hope I've adequately described my challenge. If I can clarify
>anything, please let me know. (I check my email often.) I'll research any
>and all urls any of you may have to offer.