Re: Dale Paul has made a better mousetrap

Jason Williams (
Sun, 23 Nov 1997 01:15:00 -0600 (CST)

On Sat, 22 Nov 1997, Bill Woodland (Squeek) wrote:
> You can
> click on the field headings (Nickname, IP, Conf) and sort the list on tha=
> field. Click on the field heading again, and the sort order is reversed
> (just like Windows Explorer with "View/Details" selected).

It's too bad White Pine hasn't adopted this in their 3.1 versions. You
can sort on a field, but you can't reverse sort. It's quite odd
considering reverse sort is included in the "Who's On" list that queries

> IF you have the password to the ref (which ref admins and their ref cops
> would have) then you can easily right click on a user and kick him off th=
> ref, or deny him. If you DON'T have the password, it will still show you
> who is connected, and you can still use some of its other features.

Not necessarily..With White Pine 2.1 and MPCS reflectors, the IPs which
use Refmarshal all have to be known and allowed in with "allow-wpconfig"
lines since most reflectors don't allow everyone (an IP of
This can be rather inconvenient for reflector operators that don't wish to
allow EVERYONE to connect to their telnet port. I'm currently working on
a solution to this problem with a little proxy server that acts as an
intermediate step betwen refmarshal and the reflector. You'd use
Refmarshal to connect to the proxy, then the proxy connects to the
reflector you desire.

The advantage to using the the reflector operator doesn't have
to maintain allow-wpconfig lines for every person he wishes to grant
access to. It's also a controlled the people who CAN use
refmarshal to monitor/control the reflector don't have free reign to do
anything with the reflector. I also plan to have logging for all the
kills and denies so the reflector operator as well as the other monitors
can keep a watch out on who is being killed/denied.

It's all still being worked on though... :) It's my latest little project.

Refmarshal is an awesome program...I just want to extend it so more people
can use it :)

> Refmarshal includes GeekPC=AE for issuing private messages to a participa=
> (very handy if you use the WP 2.x version of CU), and WhoIs, for quickly
> identifying a participants host name and domain information.

Yep..I LOVE the Geek options...currently much easier to use than GeekPC
since you just right click on a user.

> On
> MY copy, I've added a SAVE command (to save any denies I might have done
> recently) and a TERM command to restart the ref, if I feel the need.

Yep..I love that as well..Problem is, most reflector operators don't want
to give their refmons the ability to term the ref :)

> Refmarshal is very powerful, very flexible, very efficient, and cheap.
> This is the way a ref SHOULD be managed...I highly recommend it.

No arguments here...Refmarshal is definitely a nice program. Much more
flexible than what I've seen with the White Pine GUI. Much like my ref
scanner, it has the basics which are used time and time again (kill/deny).
And if you decide you want some other command in that you use often, you
can easily add it. Definitely the way to go for reflector operators :)

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