Re: win 3.1 crash, TRUMPET WINSOCKS 3.0 vs 2.x

Rolf Hemmerling (
Sat, 22 Nov 1997 21:17:38 +0100

Hi !
How about deleting TRUMPET WINSOCKS 3.0, rebooting and reinstalling 2.X
Don=B4t forget to delete the WINSOCKS.DLL *everywhere* on the path and in
the WINDOWS directory (better: everywhere on the whole partition) before
booting WIN 3.1 again !

Probably You noticed that You need a new license for 3.0 ! Especially,
TRUMPET WINSOCKS is absolutely useless if You switch to WIN95 (even
though it works, but.. isn=B4t it 16-bit only, still ?) or to WIN-NT
(there it does not work at all) So forget about 3.0 if You must pay an
upgrade for it ! Sorry for the TRUMPET folks .. but they are kicked off
the market by M$ !

Cindy S Miller wrote:
> CU-SeeMe was running (barely w/ just video) on my 486/33 20mg
> PC w/ win 3.1, trumpet 2.1 rev F and Zoom 14.4 modem. I've upgraded
> the modem to a Hayes 56K (on com2) and changed appropriate software
> configs so far as I can tell. Netscape, wp_Ftp, trumpet telnet,
> procomm all run fine. CUSeeMe runs fine without trumpet; trumpet
> runs fine without CUSeeMe. However, when I start CUSeeMe the computer
> gets past the process of obtaining an IP address from my server, displa=
> the 3 CUSeeMe windows for a few seconds (video, audio, settings) then
> suddenly, with no error messages, kicks me into DOS.
> I've set transmission 2,18,0 (won't change from 0), reception 2,21
> the max rates for other send/receive settings to 100, messed with files=
> buffers in config.sys, upgraded trumpet to 3.0, reinstalled CUSeeMe,
> read some FAQs and some of these archives, with absolutely no luck.

> Cindy

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