RE: For Macintosh eyes only (as yet)

Joe Izen (
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 07:40:02 -0800

I had a mixed experience with Clearphone. It is TCP rather than
UDP-based. This means that if packets don't make it, rather than static,
there is a retransmit till they are received. This makes the application
behave very differently. The Bonus is for people with low bandwidth
connections and a level of packetloss that would interfere with CU-SeeMe
audio. For them, Clearphone is an improvement. Radio Bob who works on
Clearphone is very proud of the fact that Clearphone works, even under
lousy conditions. Under good conditions, I found the application extremely
annoying to use. WHen packets are dropped, as they usually are, the
transimission has to wait for a resend. Since round trip times can vary
from half a second to a few seconds, this inserts gaps and delays into a
conversation which are extremely distracting.