Re: A really Dumb Question

Jason Williams (
Tue, 25 Nov 1997 04:04:21 -0600 (CST)

On Mon, 24 Nov 1997, Josh Kuperman wrote:
> I use this reflector web site often. I have two problems. There is a spot
> you can click on that is supposed to start up CU-SeeMe, if it is not
> already running, and then connect to the reflector. On my machine it will
> start up CU-SeeMe, but I simply wind up with a document called scan on the
> desktop.

You need to make sure you have .csm/.cu extensions setup with mime-type
This also only works Enhanced CU-SeeMe. So if you're trying to use it
with the Cornell version, you're out of luck for now (Hopefully a solution
is being worked on for this though).
You don't want to save the file, you want to set the mime-type to open up
Enhanced CU-SeeMe.

> Also, I have downloaded the list of active reflectors, but can't
> figure out anyway to edit the preferences file so that CU-SeeMe can use
> what I download. I running
> on a Macintosh Q660av with MacOS 8.

You didn't mention what version of CU-SeeMe you are using, but try the
help page on downloads at

On the Mac, you select the apropriate download option then download it.
Save it as a a preferences file then move it into the Prefences folder and
reload CU. It's been awhile since I've tested it out on a Mac though.
I've heard it works ok. (Except for the 3.1 version...not sure if the
import of the Phonebook works on White Pine's preview 2...I assume it does
since the (incorrect) URL is on their Readme).

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